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Greetings Music Lovers!
I'll be out a couple times in July with the Benefit Street Band.  First, on Friday, July 8 we'll be at Cafe Nine in New Haven, CT.  I'm really stoked about this one as we'll have the rhythm section of my dreams, both Marshal Rosenberg on percussion and hand drums and my son Sam Carlson on drums.  Both of these guys are great and this show will seriously rock with tunes from our B. Street albums and old Modern Man funnies, as well as the wonderful Beth Bradley sitting in on vocals.  Opening will be Kate Callahan at 8.  We'll be on a 9:00 or so until they close the place. Hope all our Connecticut friends will come out for this one.

And Long Islanders and New York metro friends, on Saturday, July 30th we'll be doing a couple unplugged sets at the Huntington Folk Festival. As always, you can find more details on the Gigs page'.  In addition, Beth Bradly and I are working on an EP, and just finished writing and recording a song about our respective fathers, called "The Dad Song".  We really like it, and decided to post it for free.  Please give it a listen on Soundcloud here:


On October 10, 2015 David Buskin, George Wurzbach and yours truly played our last gig as Modern Man at the Walkabout Clearwater Coffee House in White Plains, NY.  As you may know, George's schedule at Monmouth University made it impossible for him to commit to future dates.  So after much consideration, David and I came to the conclusion that he wasn't replaceable.  Whatever Modern Man was, it was the particular chemistry between the three of us, and could not be anything else.

I had long felt that our studio albums, while not too shabby, never captured the essence of what we did live.  It was all the stuff between songs that made us "a cross between Crosby, Stills and Nash and the Marx Brothers."  So I asked my old friend Ethan Winer, audio expert and computer wizard to make a video.  He recruited cameraman Mark Weiss and with a lot of help from the Clearwater's excellent sound man, Mike Lavery, they created a three camera HiDef video of our final live performance.  Scorsese did "The Last Waltz" for The Band, they did The Last Wurz for us.

So it's ready, already!  And just in time for Christmas!

Modern Man Live

Available in standard DVD and Blu-Ray
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It's Here!

I'm very pleased to announce the release of a new album from me and the Benefit Street Band.  It's called Angels on the Radio and we're real happy with it.  It not only contains twelve new songs from me, Vin and Paul, it also contains, as a bonus cut, the last (probably) Modern Man recording, "Los Geezers Del Amor."  It's available now at the Online Store as well as CD Baby and Spotify.

And keep watching this space for further news from the Benefit Street Band. All the Best!

Rob Carlson

Angels on the Radio
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The Last Wurz
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Rob Carlson and Benefit Street
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Pieces of Paradise
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